Bible Study

Bible Study meets Thursday evenings at 6:00 in the parsonage.   All are welcome!  You do not have to be a member of our chruch to join our groups.  

Currently we are concentrating our study on Rev. Herb Ruby’s book “Memorizing Scripture: Why Bother?” 

Memorizing Scripture: Why Bother?: A Method Enriched by Heartfelt Stories and Reflections

Why should I bother to memorize Scripture? Isn’t this just a waste of my time?
Some people may say that memorizing Scripture is a noble goal in itself. The real motive, however, should be as the psalmist says, that God’s Word gets “hidden in our heart.” Memorizing verses that contain God’s eternal promises help us to know Him, love Him, and strive to obey Him. These desires will resonate in our heart when we know God’s Word.
Having struggled himself with memorizing Scripture by rote, Herb Ruby has written a book utilizing a unique method. This approach incorporates the principle that the more ways you connect something to what you already know, the simpler it is to remember. Therefore, each of the verses selected have six ways of retaining the verse.
Although this book’s primary objective is to enable the reader to memorize God’s Word, it also doubles as a personal devotional. With the majority of verses, there is a true-life inspirational story that comes from the journey of one pastor and his family.
If you have ever struggled with memorizing Scripture, this book is for you.

Book is available for purchase on  Click HERE

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