Bible Study

The Bible Study Group is for those who want to further engage themselves in the word of the Lord. This is an open group that meets once a week, unless there is a conflict, to read about and discuss a suggested or pre-planned topic, although there are meetings in which the group engages in open discussion or chooses a new topic together. All ages from youth to elders are welcome to attend. Our lively group usually meets on Thursday nights at 6:00 PM. Come on out and join us for fun and inspiration as we allow God’s word to speak to us!

Mask and social distancing is mandatory.  We are meeting in the Parsonage as well as on Zoom. Email Pastor Jeff ( if interested in meeting via Zoom.

Starting April 22nd, we will be conducting a four session study
on “Getting to Know Jesus.” Session one will explore what Jesus
was like as an individual. In the second session we will examine
what life was like when Jesus was alive. In the third session we
will take a look at what the society was like when Jesus was
preaching. In the final session, we will take a look at how the
timeline from Abraham to the first century CE (AD) leads to the
formation of the Christian Biblical narrative of the Christ. This
should be both interesting and fun. We are open to comments
and suggestions as we develop and explore how it is that the
church has come to know Jesus.