Holy Joe’s Cafe

Holy Joe’s Café: Coffee for the Troops

          Holy Joe’s Café is a place where chaplains in the small Forward Operating Bases, hangar bays, hospitals, aid stations, and their makeshift chapels are able to bring  taste of home to the tired, the anxious, the angry, the lonely, and the wounded. They all can enjoy gourmet coffee–a reminder that the world they willingly left behind still cares and is still there waiting for them to come home. The impact on our troops is truly immeasurable! Small touches of home can have a big impact on soldier morale and welfare. The warming effects of a cup of coffee on a soldier’s body and soul are as important as its caffeine content. Back in the states, coffee shops line the street corners, but in places like Afghanistan comforts like a cup of coffee are few and far between!

          Please consider giving a donation to the UCC Coffee Project. The UCC Conference purchases and sends coffee through the Equal Exchange Coffee to the military chaplains in Baghdad.

Please place marked offering into offering plates at church or mail to the church address.